About PowerHouse Remodeling

We are a husband and wife team who each have over 20 years of experience in the home improvement industry. Together, we run the crews, perform all the back-end business tasks and oversee the work. That body of experience and prior work gives us the knowledge we need to carry out remodeling tasks quickly and without mistakes. This means you get to claim your new interior or exterior space faster without having to deal with follow-ups to fix problems in design or execution.

At PowerHouse Remodeling, we pride ourselves on our friendly and professional approach to remodeling. This is an opportunity to remake your home into a space you have always dreamed it could be, and that transformation is deeply satisfying.

PowerHouse Remodeling has accumulated great reviews all over the Internet and social media due to our diligence, work ethic and attention to detail. This includes being featured in the "Thumbtack Spotlight" as a top-rated residential remodeling company. We run all of the crews that work for PowerHouse Remodeling and take care to ensure that all of their output meets the company's standards for quality.

Occasionally, PowerHouse is called in to help fix a problem or set of problems that another company created. While this costs the customer money, it is frequently worth it to make the space look good and ensure that it will not need further work down the line.